Lumped Species | MARINe

In order to standardize species resolution across all MARINe groups, and over time, some species (typically rare) were lumped for graphical presentation of Long-Term monitoring data. Below are the definitions of these lumped categories (some variation occurs between methods and over time).

Silvetia/Hesperophycus = lumped rockweed category (Silvetia and Hesperophycus) used in early samples by Channel Islands National Park. Includes Pelvetiopsis limitata, Pelvetiopsis hybrida, and Pelvetiopsis californica (previously Hesperophycus californicus).

Other Green Algae = green algae other than Cladophora, and Enteromorpha/Ulva.

Other Brown Algae = brown algae other than Egregia, Fucus, Hedophyllum, Hesperophycus, non-coralline crusts, Pelvetiopsis, Postelsia, and Silvetia.

Other Red Algae = red algae other than coralline algae, Endocladia, Mastocarpus, Mazzaella, Neorhodomela, non-coralline crusts, and Porphyra.

Unidentified Algae = algae not identified to Phylum.

Barnacles = Chthamalus, Balanus, and Tetraclita. Lumped category used for early samples by Channel Islands National Park.

Other Invertebrates = invertebrates other than Anthopleura, Chthamalus/Balanus, Lottia gigantea, Mytilus, Pisaster, Pollicipes, Semibalanus, and Tetraclita.

Other Substrate = substrate other than rock or sand, typically attached but dead shells of mussels or barnacles.