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Regional Mosaic Plots

Mosaic Plots are used here to show broad patterns of abundance over space and time for the most commonly occurring target species. Mosaic plots were separated into two sections (Mainland and Channel Islands) for the two most commonly sampled taxa, Mytilus and Chthamalus/Balanus. Abundance is depicted as a function of color (darker=more abundant). Click on the links below to view the mosaic plots for a specific region and target species surveyed during the Long-Term Monitoring Surveys.

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Pollicipes (Goose Barnacle)

Fucus (Northern Rockweed)

Pelvetiopsis californica (previously Hesperophycus californicus) (Olive Rockweed)

Pelvetiopsis (Dwarf Rockweed)

Silvetia (Golden Rockweed)

Endocladia (Turfweed)

Mastocarpus (Turkish Washcloth)

Phyllospadix (Surfgrass)

Mainland Sites

Chthamalus/Balanus (Acorn Barnacles)

Mytilus (California Mussel)

Channel Island Sites

Chthamalus/Balanus (Acorn Barnacles)

Mytilus (California Mussel) home