Data Requests | MARINe

We have summarized and raw data files available for species sampled using the photo plottransect and species count and size (sea stars and Katharina only) methods for all MARINe sites except those funded by the National Park Service (NPS) and the Navy, and seawater temperature data for all sites. At many MARINe sites, data were collected prior to 2002 (see individual site pages for survey start dates), but because species resolution varied among survey groups, data cannot be easily combined across all sites. Historic data (prior to 2002) can be requested separately by contacting us at

Requests for data from NPS and Navy sites should be made directly to the appropriate research group. NPS data requesters will also need to fill out a separate request on the National Park Service Research Permit and Reporting System

In addition, we have robomussel data deployed around the world by the Helmuth lab and their many collaborators since 1999.

To download data or make a specific data request, please fill out our data request form. Note that requests for data other than those available for downloading can take up to 2 weeks to fulfill (longer for NPS sites, see above). We will do our best to provide data within a few days, but certain requests require that we obtain permission from the organization(s) managing the data before sharing.

To view our data use statement click here.