Temperature Data | MARINe

Intertidal temperature data have been collected at MARINe sites since 1999. Intertidal temperature data were continuously recorded, typically at 15 or 30 minute intervals. Three different data logger models (all from Onset Computer Corporation) have been used over time and across sites, due to changes in logger technology: StowAway TidbiT TBI32-05+37HOBO pendant UA-002-64, and HOBO UTBI-001 TidbiT v2. Loggers at most sites were housed in stainless steel wire mesh cages and bolted to the substrate. At some Washington sites, loggers were either encased in epoxy for protection and then bolted and epoxied to the bedrock, or housed in flow-through PVC tubes that were bolted to the substrate. Temperature loggers were installed in the mid-low intertidal zone, in areas that would afford some protection from waves and theft. No attempt was made to standardize factors that could affect temperature during emersion, such as shading, angle of incidence to sun, etc. Therefore, we included temperature data only from periods when loggers were fully submerged and recording seawater temperature.

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To view temperature data for one or more sites across time, see our user generated graphs. To download data, please make a data request here.