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Intertidal surveys are distributed along the Pacific coast of North America from southeast Alaska, USA, to central Baja California Sur, Mexico, spanning two major biogeographical provinces: the Oregonian and Californian. Survey sites have been grouped into 15 study regions, which vary in oceanographic, geologic and other abiotic factors that affect the biology of each site. These large scale factors tend to drive similarities among sites within a given region, but local features such as topography, geology, and wave exposure can also be important drivers of community composition, and can create striking differences in community composition among sites in close proximity to one another. For more information on each region, please click on the links below:

Southcentral Alaska

Southeast Alaska

British Columbia

Washington Salish Sea

Washington Olympic Coast


California North

California North Central

California San Francisco Bay

California Central

California South

California Channel Islands North

California Channel Islands South

Mexico Baja

Mexico Gulf